SCO Programme


SWIFT aims to ensure that safe and respectful workspaces are created through collaborative partnerships with production companies who have a duty of care and responsibility, in terms of Section 6 of the Employment Equity Act and the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act and to ensure that everyone working or employed on their production sets and offices are protected. The Code of Good Practice on handling sexual harassment is an initiative that was pioneered by SWIFT to educate and create the appropriate industry awareness and was implemented through the Safety Contact Officer (SCO) Programme.
The SCO Programme implores the films and TV industry, particularly production teams and crew to be intentional about preventing the scourge of sexual and gender-based harassment on sets. Safety Contact Officers are:
  • Custodians of information and awareness, primarily dealing with sexual harassment.
  • Professionals with psychosocial and counselling backgrounds with a preventative risk-management focused.
  • A support structure, to document and facilitate reporting and mediation of sexual harassment complaints.
  • Trained by TOKISO in the legal framework and procedures relating to sexual harassment in South Africa.
After successful piloting of the SCO programme, SWIFT is working towards the sustainability, resourcing and wide buy-in of this initiative through formation a Steering Committee of key industry partners to oversee an industry wide Prevention Policy to address industry gender-based violence. The Steering Committee will be responding for SCO oversight; and support the public education drive to inform, raise awareness and mobilise support for the SCO Programme.
SWIFT as well provide a sexual harassment impact session to educate by giving a thorough induction and orientation with regards to sexual harassment at the beginning of a production. Where productions cannot employ a SCO, the services of the SWIFT SCO will be available to the industry to ensure compliance and to encourage positive GBV ambassadorship to speak out in support of the #ThatsNotOK Campaign and PSA.