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What We Do

One of the major concerns brought forward by women in the South African industry is a safe working environment, free from sexual harassment and discrimination. SWIFT’s official research in the South African film and television industry confirms that rape culture extends even to our industry and is far more prevalent than it would appear on the surface. As the only organisation focused exclusively on women in the industry SWIFT felt its first priority was to educate, create awareness and actively advocate against sexual harassment. Read More
The mission of the Skills and Mentorship Programme is to facilitate the professional development of South African women in the Film and Television industry. We are dedicated to creating an environment for growth and development that better equips women in the Film and Television Industry, by providing skills and mentorship based events, networking opportunities and the needed support to further catapult women in their career aspirations. Furthermore it is to nurture emerging female talent in the film and TV industry. Mentorship is a crucial factor to ensure that new generations of women in the industry are able to grow and learn from those who have gone before them.Read More
Sisterhood Cinema is a nation-wide committee which operates under the national organisation, SWIFT. dedicated to showcasing women-driven cinema and television from South Africa, Africa, its diaspora and the world. Sisterhood Cinema spotlights the work of women filmmakers and content producers both on-screen and behind the camera. Content and films made by women are screened and supported with publicity to ensure that we grow an appreciation and therefore an audience for women driven cinema and television, as well as inspire dialogue that begins to question the representation of women in our films and television viewing. Read More
SWIFT’s Marketing and Social Media sub-committee is responsible for both digital and traditional marketing for the organisation. We currently have over 3 500 followers combined on our social media pages Facebook from all over the world.

Our Marketing subcommittee aims to engage women in film and television through creative and progressive marketing strategies such as online Q&A sessions, polls and interactive content.Read More