Atlas Studios, 33 Frost Avenue, Milpark, Johannesburg 0768971951

Zoe Ramushu (nee Chiriseri)

Organisational Capacity, Affiliations, Relations and Fundraising

Zoe is passionate about African women and the way they are portrayed as well as the way they perceive themselves. In order to further this passion she serves on the board of Sisters Working In Film & Television (SWIFT) and the African Women Awards (AWA). She produces content for broadcast through her own production company, Chiriseri Studios. Chiriseri Studios’ objective is to create content that is clearly African, of global standard and for international consumption. Zoe has done onscreen work for notable brands such as KFC, Unilever and Soul Candi. She obtained her undergraduate degree with Wits in English and Law and her Master’s in African Literature and Cinema, where her thesis focused on the post-feminist African woman. She is a legal consultant and qualified property broker with Re/Max