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As an organisation committed to empowering and supporting womxn in our industry, Sisters Working in Film and Television (SWIFT) is aware of the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against filmmaker Khalo Matabane.

As SWIFT, we stand with all womxn, in Film and TV, who come forward. We  work with legal and psychological support structures to provide such womxn with the appropriate support. Whilst we advocate for the legal process to take its course, we are aware that in many instances it is the womxn’s voice that is silenced and the burden of proof weighs heavily on the womxn. It is for this reason we stand by womxn and say  #ThatsNotOk.


As our research, carried out in 2017 shows, a culture of sexual harassment  is far more prevalent in our industry than would appear on the surface. Too many womxn have had to endure the violence of sexual harassment, violation and rape, not only in Hollywood, but here on home soil.

SWIFT will host a workshop in May 2018 to work through sexual harassment in the industry and the #MeToo campaign. There will be a panel of experts and will be open to all womxn in film and TV. Details to be confirmed soon.

Any womxn who would like to contact us can do so at All communication received will be treated with the utmost confidence and discretion. 

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