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SWIFT’s Marketing and Social Media sub-committee is responsible for both digital and traditional marketing for the organisation. We currently have over 3 500 followers combined on our social media pages Facebook from all over the world.

Our Marketing subcommittee aims to engage women in film and television through creative and progressive marketing strategies such as online Q&A sessions, polls and interactive content.

We also focus on building and maintaining connections with similar organisations around the world and have successfully initiated many collaborative efforts through our social media platforms. Our members only-based Whatsapp group consists of close to two hundred women in film and TV from various parts of the country.

SWIFT’s Marketing and Social Media subcommittee have also been vocal around issues such as women abuse, sexual harassment and discrimination on set. One of our objectives is to create safe online platforms that allow women to have their voices heard and to discuss the issues they are facing in the industry.


To ensure that the brand SWIFT is visible, and that the work we do is documented and disseminated as widely as possible.  To ensure marketing of all SWIFT activities is done effectively and that communication between members and the organisation takes place.  To keep the organisation connected to the issues of real women inside and outside the organisation. To maintain open lines of communication with the public.

International Markets and Film Festivals

SWIFT embarked on its very first international Market and Film Festival in April 2018.  A group of 20 Swift members attended the Berlinale in Berlin.

Annual Programme for International Markets and Film Festivals

APRIL 2018:            Berlin International Film Festival.
JULY 2018:               Durban International Film Festival.
OCTOBER 2018:      American Film Festival.
NOVEMBER 2018:  International Film Festival of India

Market product books and reports:

Berlinale, February 2018 – Product book, Report