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Membership Benefits

  • Monthly training sessions
    • These sessions will either be knowledge share sessions (3 to 4 hours) or a full day seminar with a professional
    • These sessions also offer a great platform for interaction with one’s peers
  • Networking and marketing of your work: Make use of the Department of Trade and Industry’s SSAS scheme, through which SWIFT can take 20 filmmakers to different international markets per year
  • Local networking and pitching sessions with local producers
  • Regular job alerts and competitions
  • Advertise your screenings / training courses on the SWIFT social platforms

Behind the scenes, SWIFT is lobbying for the rights of female filmmakers:

  • To change the copyright act
  • A safe environment
    • #ThatsNotOk campaign
    • Safety Contacts
    • Code of Conduct
    • Pledges against Sexual Harassment

Membership Categories and Fees

Female audio visual makers and aspirant female audio visual makers are eligible to become members of SWIFT provided they agree with the core objectives of the Organisation and the standard “Code of Conduct” the Organisation may promulgate from time to time.  Membership is valid for one year.

Type of MembershipOnce Off Payment
Affiliate membership will be available to any individual, organisation, society, company, close corporation or similar body that works in conjunction with audiovisual makingR350.00
Student membership will be available to any individual, who studies audiovisual making at any formal learning institution, upon proof of enrolment to such institutionR150.00

Corporate membership will be available to production companies and will include a maximum of 5 full time employees, or contractual staff with a contract valid for at least 1 year.

  • Once off – payment in full
  • Two payments – 50% on application and 50% after 6 months or sooner
  • Three payments – 33% on application, 33% after 4 months (or sooner) and 34% after 8 months or sooner
  • Four payments – 25% on application, 25% after 3 months (or sooner), 25% after 6 months or sooner and 25% after 9 months or sooner
  • Monthly payments – 10 monthly payments (Affiliate membership – R35 per month for 10 months and Student members – R15 per month for 10 months)
SWIFT banking details:
SWIFT Current Account
Standard Bank,
Branch No: 051001
Acc No: 003308766


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