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Equality behind and in front of the camera

SWIFT is a voluntary non-profit organisation committed to empowering women working in the film and television industry by building institutional strength through mass membership and forging partnerships with relevant stakeholders and organizations.
  • SWIFT champions equal opportunities for women in a historically male-dominated industry and prioritises equal opportunities for historically disadvantaged women in a historically white-dominated sector.
  • SWIFT recognises the intersectionality of women’s experiences both in front of and behind the camera, and advocates for gender and race parity throughout the industry.
  • SWIFT supports professional development, mentorship and networking opportunities for its members.
  • SWIFT members are united by common cause and work together to promote and enable transformation so that screens in South Africa and worldwide may reflect all voices and a true diversity of perspective.

Creating an active organization that is not-for-profit, organized, funded, and membership driven.


Providing a space to listen to and engage women’s issues as well as to provide a platform from which to address these issues.


Creating a strong advocacy unit for women in the industry.


Sisters Working in Film and Television (SWIFT) was conceptualised during the 2016 Durban International Film Festival. Women making films and television (both locally and internationally) came together to address common concerns, share experiences, support and inspire one another. All in attendance strongly expressed the importance and need of an organisation that works towards uniting, engaging and advocating for women, in essence, one that ensures that women are given a voice in the industry. This was the inception of the organisation SWIFT. Read more